Our mattresses are made from organic hemp that’s grown without pesticides and other chemical treatments. All of our materials come from renewable sources that support sustainable agriculture. Conventional mattresses, typically use materials that are synthetic. They are derived from petrochemicals and natural gas, which are environmentally unfriendly. Commonly used ingredients consist of polyester, polyurethane, latex, polystyrene foam, nylon, and many other chemical derivatives.

The cotton textiles in conventional mattresses are usually treated with chemicals that are non-organic. In addition, these mattresses are treated with flame retardants and other chemical applications. A hemp-based mattress is very different. Our #420bed is constructed with only organic cotton and hemp. Read more

Hemp Mattresses can provide great value for millennials in regard to a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on an organic mattress makes all the difference in the world. It’s great for your well-being, for the environment and they’re affordable.

If you are looking to replace your mattress in order to improve the quality of your sleep, this article will deliver valuable information so you can make an informed decision. We begin by saying, there is no argument that the healthiest and best mattress available is constructed from hemp. Here are some points to take account.

A hemp or rather a #420 mattress, uses a blend of natural materials that reduces the ability for allergens to multiply. This type of bed assists with restful sleep and healing especially when the immune system is temporarily suppressed. Our #420 mattress is made of non-toxic materials that are naturally hypoallergenic, inert (not cold or hot), breathable and antimicrobial (resistant to fungi and bacteria). Read more