Our mattresses are made from organic hemp that’s grown without pesticides and other chemical treatments. All of our materials come from renewable sources that support sustainable agriculture. Conventional mattresses, typically use materials that are synthetic. They are derived from petrochemicals and natural gas, which are environmentally unfriendly. Commonly used ingredients consist of polyester, polyurethane, latex, polystyrene foam, nylon, and many other chemical derivatives.

The cotton textiles in conventional mattresses are usually treated with chemicals that are non-organic. In addition, these mattresses are treated with flame retardants and other chemical applications. A hemp-based mattress is very different. Our #420bed is constructed with only organic cotton and hemp.

Most mattress manufacturers use synthetic materials such as polyurethane foams, polyester fabrics, vinyl, pressed cardboard, and other fibers. They are often treated with adhesives, dyes, flame retardants and other chemicals that also contribute to the formation of exhaust fumes or the release of chemicals into the air, not to mention absorbed into the skin. Hemp mattress options mainly include organic hemp upholstery and fabrics.
Below is a short-list of the pros for investing in a hemp based mattress.

Pros of Choosing Hemp Mattress

  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • No pesticide residues
  • Non-toxic fire barrier methods
  • Sustainable farming and manufacturing

For many people considering hemp mattress, the most important benefits are likely those that have an immediate impact on your well-being, quality sleep and your home environment.

Another advantage that encourages many people to buy hemp-based products, specifically bedding is the reduced impact on the environment. Traditional cotton is one of the dirtiest crops in the world in terms of the use of pesticides and herbicides. Unsustainable wood damages forests and the use of non-renewable petroleum products often contribute to pollution. Organic cotton, hemp, wood and sustainable materials and are more environmentally friendly, and many are also recyclable or biodegradable.

Because it is offered directly to customers at the best possible prices, #420beds are no more expensive than conventional large synthetic mattresses on the market. With #420 bedding, you have the knowledge that you and your family are sleeping on safe and healthy mattresses made from top quality, natural and organic materials with no use of toxic glues or any chemicals. Better sleep, naturally!